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Alpaca Basics
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Alpaca Breeders Organizations, Shearing Instructions, Books, Supply Houses

New to alpacas, or just curious? These organizations, references and providers have been helpful to us and provide a great starting point in your alpaca journey!

We are members of the following organizations. We have met many delightful and helpful people through these groups, and hope that you will, too!

This support and marketing organization is open to alpaca enthusiasts around the world. This site is your first stop if you are new to alpacas. You can subscribe to Alpacas Magazine, find a list of breeders near you who would welcome a farm visit or read about upcoming alpaca shows and seminars. Joining AOBA affords you discounts on seminars at the national conference, and allows you to borrow from AOBA's extensive library of books, articles and videos (you pay only return postage). AOBA affiliates are found in every region of the U.S. and in Canada. Click the logo at right to visit the official website of the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association.


This affiliate of AOBA includes member farms from the coastal and central regions of Washington State. Membership is welcomed at a farm or associate level, regardless of whether you belong to AOBA. AAWW produces a medium-sized alpaca halter and fleece show: Alpacapalooza, held the first full weekend of each April. Regular educational and social events are held for the benefit of members. Meeting times and AlpacaPalooza results are found on the website, as well as links to member farms. Click the logo at right to visit the official website of the Alpaca Association of Western Washington.


The Alpaca Registry tracks the lineage of registered alpacas and issues pedigree certificates. Offspring of ARI registered alpacas can be registered after their blood sample is DNA-typed to prove parentage. ARI's database can be searched online. If you are not yet a member, contact ARI to make special arrangements to have access to the database. The official alpaca fiber color chart can be ordered from ARI. Click the logo at right to visit the official website of the Alpaca Registry, Inc.


AFCNA collects member-contributed alpaca fiber each summer and contracts with mills to produce a selection of yarns and garments, which are available to members for their personal use or for resale. Click the logo at right to visit the official website of the Alpaca Fiber Co-Op of North America.

The Alpaca Book
Author: Eric Hoffman, published 2003. Layman's guide to alpaca husbandry, nutrition, reproduction, training, transportation, first aid and caring for the newborn. When we were new to alpacas, we were strongly encouraged to buy this book. It was referred to as "The Alpaca Bible". Original version by Eric Hoffman and Murray E. Fowler, DVM, published 1995. Click the link below, for fast and easy ordering from
Alpaca Field Manual
Author: C. Norman Evans, D.V.M., copyright 2003. Layman's guide to maintaining the optimum health of your alpaca. 191 pg spiral-bound manual covers pasture maintenance and nutrition, medical care of disorders, diagnostics and normal lab values, routine reproduction, delivery and cria care and problem breeders. Highly recommended and valued by breeders across the US for its drug dosage charts and information on immunizations and parasite control. An excellent companion to The Alpaca Book. Consult your veterinarian on local issues and how they affect your alpacas.
The Camelid Companion

Author: Marty McGee Bennett, copyright 2001. Our favorite approach to handling alpacas and llamas begins with understanding their intelligence and unique behaviors. Gentle handling reduces fear and allows your alpacas to learn to trust you. In this 191 page softcover edition, Marty teaches: behavior, compassionate handling and proper halter fit, techniques for herding, leading and therapeutic touch, cria care, husbandry and shearing tips. For the alpaca novice: how to avoid buying a "problem child", teaching your first crias how to interact appropriately with humans, and plans for building catch pens and creep feeders. Click the link below, for fast and easy ordering from

Medicine and Surgery of South American Camelids
Author: Murray E. Fowler, DVM, copyright 1998. Written for veterinarians, this 549 page hardcover edition covers the gamut of nutrition, restraint and handling, and conformation, through treatment and surgery of disorders of every bodily system. Valuable for dedicated alpaca and llama owners/breeders who wish to have a full understanding of their animals' physiology. Fairly sophisticated content presupposes a familiarity with medical/veterinary subjects and terminology. Click the link above, for fast and easy ordering from
Llama and Alpaca Neonatal Care
Authors: Bradford B. Smith, DVM, PhD, Karen I. Timm, DVM, PhD and Patrick O. Long, DVM, copyright 1996. Written for the layman, this 112 page, spiral-bound manual is an absolute essential for anyone expecting one or more crias. Easy-to-read text covers normal gestation, feeding and medicating the pregnant alpaca, assisting at the birth (including difficult labors), care of the newborn and his dam, and a list of first aid supplies. Simple flow charts guide you through the key points.
Caring For Llamas and Alpacas
Caring for Llamas and Alpacas: A Health and Management Guide

Authors: Clare Hoffman, DVM and Ingrid Asmus, copyright 1989. 176 page, spiral-bound manual is easy to understand. Covers restraint, nutrition, first aid, worming, birthing and care of newborn and mom, and a list of poisonous plants. Chock-full of well-done diagrams which illustrate knot-tying, chute use, assessing body condition, toenail trimming, birth and injection of medication, and chute building plans. Click the link above, for fast and easy ordering from

Llamas & Alpacas as a Metaphor for Life
Author: Marty McGee Bennett. This coffee-table book is the perfect gift for alpaca lovers of any age. Large, beautiful color photographs capture llamas and alpacas at their most beautiful and comical moments. Click the link above, for fast and easy ordering from
Alpacas: Synthsis of a Miracle
ALPACAS: Synthesis of a Miracle
Author: Michael Safley, copyright 2001. Oregon breeder and alpaca judge tells the story of some of the most influential figures in the South American alpaca industry. Conformation, fleece qualities and heritability of physical and fleece characteristics are explained. In depth discussion of breeding for color, quality and high fleece weights. The 381 page hardcover book is lavishly illustrated with full color photographs of the alpacas, natives and landscape of South America. Click the link above, for fast and easy ordering from
 Training and Behavior

Marty Mcgee Bennett is well-known for her gentle and understanding approach to alpaca handling. She enlightens and entertains camelid owners worldwide via her books, videos, seminars and hands-on clinics. We so believe in her approach that we include a copy of her book The Camelid Companion with every purchase of an alpaca from Genesis Alpacas. Click the logo above to visit the CAMELIDynamics website, where you can read informative articles by Marty.

 Alpaca-Specific Supplies
CAMELIDynamics Gear Store

THE source for our favorite ZEPHYR alpaca halters, adjustable in two directions.

Valley Vet logo

Excellent supplier of veterinary items for the alpaca owner: medications, syringes/needles, vaccines, wormers, vitamins, bandaging supplies. Also a great place to get supplies for your household pets. Fast, FREE shipping on many items- you can't beat that! What we really love is the ability to pull up a copy of the manufacturer's package insert from any medication.

Useful Lama Items logo

Pretty much everything you might need for an alpaca, including electrolytes, milk replacer, Stillwater Loose Minerals, Dr. Pollard's Lactation Herb Mix, first aid and cria care kits, microscopes, centrifuges. A source for  tack & barn supplies (if you don't have a feed/farm store handy). Alpaca-themed jewelry. Online specials. Gold Key discount club. Ships from Illinois.

Quality Llama Products logo

"Quality" is ever-present at all Northwest U.S. Alpaca shows: if you forgot anything, they have it. Great place for leads and tandem leads, baby halters, pooper scoopers and squeegees, poly stall mats for shows, fiber arts supplies and books, novelty items (incl. stickers, cards, cookie cutters, candy molds, home decor items). Need something made from nylon webbing or fabric? Talk to their custom shop. Driving harnesses and carts for your llamas, donkeys, dogs or reindeer!!

Platinum Performance logo

Get Bio-Sponge paste NOW before your cria has diarrhea. Time is of the essence. Bio-Sponge is a clay absorbent that will stop diarrhea the first day, before your cria gets into trouble. A lifesaver.
Bio-Sponge has substantial capacity to adsorb and absorb toxins, viruses, bacteria and free radicals. A university study showed that Bio-Sponge? adsorbed 99% of clostridium difficile and clostridium perfringens toxins in vitro.

Premier Products Online logo

Our favorite source for Expandover Power-Lite bandaging wrap. This is the good stuff! Sticks to itself, but lets go of fleece when you want it to. Resists rolling down better than Vet Wrap: good for alpacas- who all like to roll and rub!
The best price we've found. Note: this is a different company than Premier 1 Supplies.

 Shearing Resources
Alpaca Shearing

Whatever shearer you use, book them a year in advance if you can, but certainly by early January. Your alpacas must be shorn yearly, and before your daily temperatures reach the 70's.

First Cut Shearing is our first choice. Franc Winkley lives in SW Washington State and travels extensively to shear. He is very kind to our animals and shears with maximum usable harvest as a goal. Franc is very polite and friendly, and aims for complete customer satisfaction. Click link above to see Franc's website, Email him, or call 503-828-7423.

electric shears

This is the most complete set of alpaca shearing instructions we have found online. Oregonian John Merrell shares advice for restraining the alpaca, use and care of your electric shears, and the most widely used pattern of shearing blows. Credit goes to Bill Watkins of Frostglen Alpacas for the wonderful diagrams. Click the logo at right to visit the website of Gateway Farm Alpacas.

Maker of the quiet, lightweight Premier 4000s shear, and supplier of combs, cutters and many husbandry items such as dosing syringes. Excellent company to work with, fast shipping. Check the Newsletter Archive for informative articles. The print catalog is worth subscribing to for it's educational material on fencing and livestock handling solutions.

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 Photos, description and symptoms of ingestion.

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