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Super warm alpaca socks, accessories and luxurious yarns for sale
The Genesis Alpacas Story
Care, Shelter, Nutrition, Pastures
Ancient South American shepherds, Spanish Conquest
Alpaca Basics
Glossary of Alpaca Industry Terms - Learn the Lingo!
Alpaca Breeders Organizations, Shearing Instructions, Books, Supply Houses

Fidelis of Genesis, future alpaca stud male

ultimate warmth… alpaca

skin-loving softness…alpaca

the every-day luxury you can’t do without…alpaca!

Our alpacas grow the luxurious fleece that becomes warm alpaca wool socks, alpaca scarves, and alpaca sweaters for sale in our online store. Knit? Crochet? Silky alpaca yarn honors the value of the time you spend on each new project. Are you a hand-spinner? Alpaca rovings are a joy to spin as they glide through your fingers.

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The Warmth and Luxury of Fine Alpaca Wear

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